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Hello! I am Pete Knapp...

...a literary agent at Park & Fine Literary and Media, where I represent middle grade and young adult fiction. Prior to working at Park & Fine (formerly Park Literary & Media), I worked at Floren Shieh Productions, a literary consultancy that helped production entities find and develop books into movies or TV shows. I continue to love high concept, cinematic stories, as well as literary novels with a great voice and a strong emotional hook. When I’m not reading my clients' incredible manuscripts or searching for new writers I can partner with, you can often find me sneaking to the beach in the Rockaways, swimming laps at the city pool, attempting to keep the plants alive on my patio, or with my husband and our friends playing Splendor or watching a Studio Ghibli movie.

Editorial approach

Every author’s career begins with the craft:

Each book starts with your words, your story, and your vision. As an editorial agent, I work closely with my clients to help refine that vision, to maximize its impact, and to understand how it fits into the current marketplace. While my editorial process varies with each client depending on the story and client's specific needs, it includes helping to develop concepts at the ideation stage, providing detailed edit letters and page notes on manuscripts and proposals, and giving strategic feedback about how their story fits into both the broader market and their own growing body of work. Collaborating with clients creatively on their projects is one of my favorite parts of the job, and it begins with a love of their stories!

A team Effort

At PFLM, you have an agency, not an agent...

Park & Fine is led by Theresa Park and Celeste Fine, and was structured to provide a 360° approach to agenting with an entire team of experts. This includes Emily Sweet (Brand Development & Client Relations), Andrea Mai (Publisher and Retail Relations), Abigail Koons (International Rights), Alex Greene (Business Affairs & Creative Development), Sarah Passick (New Business & Client Relationships), and John Maas (Editorial Development & Strategy), among others. We come together for each book and client -- when it comes to publishing a book, it takes a village! You can learn more about each team member at www.parkfine.com.

Career strategy

A tailored strategy...

While my partnership with clients begins with falling in love with one book, my objective is to help authors develop careers that span many publications. This means working with the Park & Fine team to advise on strategies that support each author's individual career goals. My job as an agent continues well after the sale of that first book, from advising on cover design and positioning, to consulting on marketing, publicity, retail merchandising, film & TV strategy, and more. Park & Fine strives to empower our clients with the tools and expertise to make their voices heard. Our goal is simple: collaborate with authors who aim high and dream big, and work closely with them to help them achieve their goals.


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Pete Knapp is a literary agent at Park & Fine Literary and Media.

Park & Fine brings a 360° approach to agenting with a robust support staff. The team includes a retail expert, a creative branding and marketing director, publicity strategists, a dedicated foreign rights department, an accomplished editorial team, and savvy television and film minds, who all work together on every book.