Middle grade

Sci-Fi and Fantasy series

I am always on the hunt for new science fiction and fantasy series in middle grade! If you're writing the next NEVERMOOR or THE SERPENT'S SECRET or ARU SHAH AND THE END OF TIME, I am eager to read!


I love contemporary and realistic (contemporary or not) middle grade stories. If you're writing something in the vein of THE THING ABOUT JELLYFISH, THE THING ABOUT LUCK, THREE TIMES LUCKY, or GHOST, I'd love to take a look!


One thing a lot of middle school students and I have in common? We love to laugh! Send me all your funny middle grade, whether it's more grounded or in a speculative world. Bonus points for playing with format, such as the TAPPER TWINS series!

Action and adventure

I love action, adventure, and mystery in my middle grade. This can be a sweeping series such as ARTEMIS FOWL or it can be a more literary standalone like WHEN YOU REACH ME.

young adult

YA Rom-Coms

I am eager to find a YA rom-com or love story! If you're writing something in the vein of TO ALL THE BOYS I'VE LOVED BEFORE, WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI, or SIMON VS., please send it my way!

Science Fiction & Fantasy

I am always on the hunt for a cinematic science fiction or fantasy story or series in YA! If your book can be comped to CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE, CARAVAL, NOCTURNA, THE 5TH WAVE, or anything else in this space, please send my way!


Nothing makes me happier than finding a contemporary or recent history story with heart and purpose. If you're writing a YA contemporary such as THE HATE U GIVE, DUMPLIN', LOVE LETTERS TO THE DEAD, or really any contemporary with fantastic heart, I'd love to read it!

YA Paranormal and Contemporary Fantasy

Bring vampires back! Seriously, I'd love a fresh twist on paranormal in YA; I want to see vampires in new contexts, werewolves like we haven't seen them before, and other things that howl and bump in the night in a way that feels fresh.

Thrillers and Mysteries

I'd love to find a heart-wrenching mystery in the vein of SADIE, a story with huge teen appeal like ONE OF US IS LYING, something sparse and atmospheric like WE WERE LIARS, or a mystery with a dash of the surreal and magical like IMAGINARY GIRLS.

Send your manuscript

You can find out how to submit to me here:

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Do you respond to all queries?

Yes! I aim to respond to all queries within about 12 weeks of receiving them, if not sooner. I respond to most queries with a form reply. If you have not heard back within 12 weeks, please feel free to follow-up. If you receive an offer of representation prior to hearing back from me, please also be in touch to let me know!

Do you respond to all requested  Manuscripts?

Yes! I aim to respond to all full manuscripts within 2-3 months, though sometimes it does take me a little longer.

I wrote a MG or ya but i'm not sure it fits your wishlist. Should I submit?

Yes! Though my wish list helps show some of the things I'm looking for, it is not all-encompassing, so please always try me. I love and encourage submissions: falling in love with a new voice for the first time is one of my favorite parts of the job!


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