Emily Bain Murphy


Emily Bain Murphy is the author of the Waterstone Book Prize nominated THE DISAPPEARANCES, available from HMH Books for Young Readers (US) and Pushkin Press (UK). She grew up in Indiana, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, and has also called California, Connecticut, and Massachusetts home. Emily’s second novel, another young adult historical mystery called SPLINTERS OF SCARLET, will be published by HMH in 2020. She currently lives in the St. Louis area with her family.





what others are saying

"Sumptuous worldbuilding, richly developed characters, and a swoon-worthy romance elevate this delightful, fantasy-tinged mystery."

Publishers Weekly (Starred Review, The Disappearances)

Murphy’s expertly woven world, spun with secrets, lush with literary allusion, and shimmering with magic (quite literally), is a place many readers will happily disappear into.


The Disappearances is a book of wonder and mystery by first time novelist, Emily Bain Murphy. It is well crafted and the plot is memorable and complex. Shakespeare’s words help solve the mystery, leaving the reader with a sense of hope as well as awe. This book should appeal to young adults and adults. The eloquent writing style and the well-researched inclusion of historical details make it memorable. Aila and Miles often use one word to summarize an experience, calling it a finishing word. My finishing word after reading The Disappearances is sublime.

Assembly of literature for adolescents of the ncte review (ALANPick, Nov/Dec 2016, THe Disappearances)



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